JBL Launches On Stage Speaker For iPhone

JBL Launches On Stage Speaker For iPhone
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You know what I find most frustrating about the new iPhone? It’s not the battery life – Careful planning can help with that. It’s not the phone crashing, either – so far, I haven’t had a problem.

the biggest problem is that pretty much every accessory I own that docks an iPod doesn’t actually work with my new iPhone. My desktop iPod dock. My Harman Kardon iPod speaker. My Logitech portable iPod speaker. My Yamaha iPod dock connector for my Yamaha receiver. They all refuse to cooperate when I stick in the iPhone.

So for me, the announcement from Australian JBL distributor Conexus that they’re launching the On Stage IIIP for iPhone has me clamouring for one of my own. The original On Stage speaker was one of my favourite iPod speakers – it’s unique design and sound quality impressed me for such a compact unit. I expect no less from this model designed to work with iPhones as well as iPods.

The only downside is the price tag: $299 isn’t cheap for a small speaker this size. But considering it can run off the mains and battery power, has an IR remote and a USB 2.0 connection so it can connect directly to your PC or Mac for easy syncing, I may still drop the cash on this anyway.