It’s 2.00am on iPhone Friday and all is…

Here’s the quick round up of the state of play right now:

– Optus still has 100+ to get through the queue, and have probably moved through 150 or so. They had a slow start due to the media circus, but are getting it going now.
– Optus is doing a good job of keeping the hordes happy. Plenty of coffee and hot chocolate, they’ve been doing cheeseburger runs, and even have 2-minute angels on hand giving out massages.
– At last check, there were 5 in the T[life]queue, 25 in the Apple Store queue, and no one at Vodafone.
– Our safe guess is that anyone at Apple Store is there for Optus plans, but don’t have pre-reg. If they wanted Telstra or Voda, they’d be queuing elsewhere — remember Apple Store is last to open.
– Voda is the hardest to ‘count’, as they don’t have any one store going ahead of the rest.
– Apple Store has raised black curtains on the ground level. One level one we can see the iPod sign has been replaced with an iPhone sign across the back wall.
– We managed a quick peek through the curtains and the only thing we could see was the screensavers have been changed from iPod ads to iPhone 3G ads.