It Took Comcast 20 Calls and 3 Visits Over 5 Weeks to Determine That No Cable Was Run to This Guy's House

I know—Comcast bashing is getting way too easy these days. But its hard to resist when you find out that it took 20 calls and 3 personal visits over five weeks for the company to figure out why Kenneth Bayes, a subscriber in Haymarket VA, could not get service. Then it hit them—they never ran cable to the guy's house. It is just the kind of customer service debacle that Comcast has been blaming on their rapid growth. According to Rick Germano, senior vice president of customer operations, "We are a victim of our own success, to a degree."

Granted, when you experience the kind of growth Comcast has in recent years, I can understand how customer service might drop off. But what happened here was pure ignorance. In fact, it seems that they are going out of their way to irritate their own customers in some cases. So my question is: when will customers start seeing the benefits of the "billions of dollars" Comcast claims to have poured into improving their network, customer service and sales operations? [Washington Post via Fark]

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