iPhone 3G vs. BlackBerry Bold: First Head to Head

There are basically two camps on the year's most anticipated phone: iPhone 3G or BlackBerry Bold. They are different phones with different core audiences, which largely comes down to keyboard preferences. But Boy Genius gives us a lot to chew on anyway in the first live head-to-head (and not just the photos). The shockers are that the newly plastic iPhone 3G has a better build quality and the Bold's screen is better, thanks to a dense pixel-per-inch ratio.


Not so shocking: Bold remains the email king, thanks to basic stuff that the iPhone doesn't have like email filters on the go and remote searching. Plus, BlackBerry corporate stuff is much, much deeper, with more hardcore security. iPhone's made enterprise strides, but the Bold is still the win there. Bottom line? "You won't find many people dropping their BlackBerrys for an iPhone. They'll carry both as long as they can afford it." [Boy Genius Report]

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