iPhone 2.0 Video Walkthrough and iTunes 7.7 Confidential Screenshots

I have tried the iTunes 7.7 confidential pre-release—which will be required to install the new iPhone OS—and the latest iPhone OS 2.0 release: 5A345. After a few days of heavy use, I can tell you that both versions are rock-solid. As you can see in the video, the App Store is there—although it's not active yet—along with the new Push data feature, the content restrictions, and the BCC field in Mail, among the rest of the new features. iTunes doesn't change much, but there are a couple of interesting additions, like the "iPhone and iPod touch remotes" option.

At the end, last Friday didn't bring the iPhone 2.0 Golden Master for final developer testing, "small glitches" apparently being the cause of the delay. But in the meantime, we have been playing for a long time with these two.

Everything has been trouble-free so far. The iPhone applications are fast (the iTunes Music Store actually feels faster than before, as does Safari), there have been no errors or glitches, and, except the fact that the content restriction policies still don't seem to be working (I activated the restrictions for Safari and I still could access several of my favourite porn sites—thanks for the links, Jason), everything seems to click just fine.

In iTunes, the MobileMe section is there, but not active yet (perhaps because I don't have a MobileMe account to try it myself). The applications tab in the iPhone control panel is there, however, although obviously there are no apps to try it yet. In the iTunes preferences, there are three changes: automatically check for available downloads, age gaming restrictions, and—the most interesting of them all—"look for iPhone and iPod touch remotes."

Unfortunately, since we don't have the remote application yet, we couldn't try this one. July 11 is not arriving soon enough.

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