Mr. Show Alum Pitches Q1 Ultra for Samsung in Ridiculous Video

This video is some sort of really strange new attempt at going viral sponsored by Samsung, pitching the Q1 Ultra using comedy. Normally, not something we'd be all that interested in. This, however, stars Bob Odenkirk and Mike Naughton. Yes, the same Bob Odenkirk from best-show-of-all-time Mr. Show. So we'll give it the benefit of the doubt. It's about these two guys who are brothers-for-hire, allowing you to pay them to pretend to be your brothers. They use the Q1 Ultra a bit, but you can tell they just crammed in references to it after they had written the main sketch. Why Samsung had decided to do this now, over a year after the Q1 Ultra came out, is anyone's guess. After the jump, Rap the Musical from Mr. Show, just because.

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