iiNet Has Unmetered Downloads For ABC’s iView Service

iiNet Has Unmetered Downloads For ABC’s iView Service

Hot on the heels of last night’s announcement that the ABC would be launching its online video service iView, iiNet sent out a press release stating that they would be offering unmetered downloads for all iView viewing.

Couple that with their unmetered downloads for iTunes, the recently launched TV shows on iTunes and rumoured upcoming movie downloads on iTunes, and all of a sudden, iiNet is looking like it’s the ISP to go with for your video entertainment needs.

Of course, the ABC states on their iView site that they are still in discussions with other ISPs to allow iView to be unmetered downloads, but how those discussions pan out is still yet to be determined.

It’s Free ABC for iiNet Customers

23 July, 2008 iiNet Limited (ASX:IIN) Australia?s third largest ISP iiNet today announced it will include the ABC?s new iView service completely quota-free for all customers. ABC iView is an innovative new platform that enables web users to view ABC programs online.

Including the content quota free in iiNet?s Freezone means that iiNet customers can stream and watch ABC iView content without affecting their monthly download quotas.

“Being able to provide great content through ABC iView completely quota-free means our customers can now get more value out of their monthly quota,” iiNet Chief Technology Officer, Greg Bader said today.

“For example, if you wanted to watch a one hour episode of Doctor Who on iView, you would expect this to use around 200MB of your monthly quota. Having this in the iiNet Freezone frees up our customer?s quota for everyday emailing, browsing and downloading.”

“Australians are increasingly using the Internet to watch programs when they want to watch them, rather than when they are scheduled by a TV network. By providing great content such as ABC iView quota free, iiNet is enabling its customers to have more control over when they view their favourite TV programs and keep within their download quota.

“ABC iView is exactly the sort of value-add iiNet seeks to provide its customers and we?re very pleased to be working with the ABC to have it included in the iiNet Freezone,” Greg Bader concluded.

iiNet is expected to continue adding content to the Freezone, with sport, radio streaming and iTunes downloads currently sitting in their „Media Lounge?, quota free for customers.

ABC’s Director of Innovation, Ian Carroll, welcomed today?s announcement.

“The ABC welcomes the new relationship with iiNet that will allow ABC viewers free access to the ABC’s new internet television service, ABC iView,” Ian said.

“The launch of ABC iView signals the beginning of a whole new distribution platform for the public broadcaster. We appreciate the support of iiNet to ensure that their customers have free access to the service. In coming weeks the ABC will be having further discussions with all of Australia’s ISP’s about access to this free service from the public broadcaster.”