HP Planning An Eee PC Killer Too?

HP Planning An Eee PC Killer Too?
HP may already have an Eee PC competitor in its 2133 mini-notebook, but that $899 starting price isn’t exactly catering to the Eee PC’s market – people who wanta no-frills, cheap and functional mini-notebook.

That’s why HP are looking at following up the 2133 with a low-cost model, sacrificing some of the durability and premium hardware and software options for price, according to APC.

If you’re hanging out to get your hands on a HP-branded mini-notebook, apparently they’ll be landing later this year, although there’s no word on what kind of engine will be running under the hood – the 2133 currently uses the Via C7-M processor, although APC reckons HP will follow the rest of the market in moving to the new Intel Atom chip.

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