Homemade Iron Man Suit Can Probably Kick Real Tony's Arse (Tony From the Pizza Place)

While the nightmarish beer-belly-ready Iron Man suit was WRONG and disturbing, this homemade version of the original suit is a perfect reproduction of the original. And still disturbing. As you can see in the gallery, it's perfectly made, with the same finish and every single detail of the real Iron Man suit, down to the last notch and junction.

The armour was made to fit a 6.2-foot, 35-inch, 200-pound person, using glass fibre for the armour parts, flexible plastic for the midsection and neck, and foam rubber for the gloves. The arc reactor lights up, and the eyes are covered with reflective lenses.

For sound effects, however, you still have to shout "pew pew pew" while waving your arms up in the air. [My Disguises]

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