Guy Uses Laser-Etch Machine to Tattoo Himself (Verdict: Flaming Nutcase)

See that robot there? It's burned by a laser-etch machine. On genyoowine human skin. Ohoho yes: that sent an icky feeling up your spine didn't it? If it didn't, then it should have. Try looking through the gallery, and then watch the video of a skin-etch in action, and that should do the trick...


Over on Instructables this chap has a "how to" guide, so you can try it yourself. Assuming a) you can get hold of a laser-etcher and a helpful operator, b) you can defeat the safeties on the machine designed to stop you doing this and c) you're a total nutcase. Because doing this cooks your skin, frying small parcels of it into vapor. It's basically digital branding, and it exposes your body to mahoosive amounts of laser energy. And it hurts.

Got it? Look at the gallery again, and then promise me you're not going to try it. [Instructables]

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