Guy Makes a Comic to Try to Justify Acting Like a Jackass at the Apple Store

Jim Dougan wanted to install an Airport Card in his wife's MacBook. He realised that a normal screwdriver wouldn't open the case to allow him to do so. A Google search would have shown him that he required a Torx Wrench #8. He did not make a Google search. Instead, he made a fool out of himself in the Apple Store, yelling and screaming at the Genius Bar employees. He was clearly in the wrong, but to make himself feel better and get internet sympathy, he made a comic about his experience.

Really dude, I know it must have been annoying to see the wrench you needed behind the Genius Bar, but when they say they can't let you repair your own stuff at the bar for liability issues, they aren't just messing with you. They'd lose their jobs.

I know the comic would have been way more boring if you had Googled, ordered the wrench and then made a legit complaint about the non-standard screws on the MacBook, but then again you also wouldn't have made a spectacle of yourself in public. [The Chemistry Set]

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