Great Giz Ideas: Harass Your Neighbours With Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Name

We were setting up our wireless router in this our new house when we made a startling realisation. Our wireless hotspot doesn't need to be limited to boring names like LinksysN or 2Wire1969, they can be messages to our neighbours that they see every time they connect to their router. Here are some that our crack team of jerks have come up with.

• YourDaughterIsAWhore
• KeepThatNoiseDown
• ThosePeopleIn1583LookLikeTerrorists
• ThatLawnChairIsSoAwful
• YourWifeCheats
• FreePornography
• IHaveYourMail
• IPoisonedYourDog
• IPoisonedYourKid
• YourPriusSucks
• GetYourOwnDSLCheapskate
• MyNetworkIsLockedJackass
• ISawYouNaked

We're sure you can think of much better ones.




    someone in my block of flats has 'WantMyInternet?LetsNegotiate. Jackass.

    i installed a wireless network for my folks on the weekend i thought about doing something like this but it would b useless because nobody lives within 38kms of them. so...

    Pogue Ma Hone (mean Kiss My Ar$s in Gaelic)

    I decided to name mine something non-nonsensical. I went with 'HMAS Batman'

    So many too choose from ... but I guess I'll add my two cents. I called mine "FreePorn". Not as offensive as some listed here, but I hoped I'd get a bite from a WLAN trawler.

    mine is:


    You see I get a kick back on everyone who says they were referred by my wireless network... Or not.

    No shit, i just checked my neighbour's SSID and it's Getoffmylawn. Gonna change mine to IReadGizmodo.

    Tee hee. I've been doing this for years with "Evil LesbianArmyNetwork".

    mine is "local_Sex-offender"

    no ones found out its me yet, but there sure is alot less kids playing cricket on the road now /


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