GPS Vs. Radar Gun Battle Appealed: GPS Wins!

We've been following the story of Shaun Malone, the California teen who was clocked by an officer doing 62MPH (100KPH) in a 45MPH (72KPH) zone, and was issued a ticket for US$190. He took the ticket to trial and lost, as the state brought in a GPS expert via affidavit who said that the units weren't that accurate. The teen appealed, however, and the same expert revised his testimony on the stand, saying the device was accurate to within 1MPH (1.6KPH). The device in question had the capability of emailing the teen's parents if he ever went above 70MPH (112KPH), and also logged all other speeds. These logs were used and the judge found enough reason to throw out the original conviction, and will rule in October on the matter that may have far-reaching effects. The real question now is why did the trooper's radar gun think the speed was 33% faster than it actually was? [Ars]

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