GLaDOS GPS Voice Might Make You Think the Directions are a Lie

Sure, a Knight Rider GPS system is cool if you're in your 40s and remember watching the show when it was first on, but what about people looking for a GPS navigator with a more contemporary cultural reference? How about GLaDOS from Portal, one of the best games of the last few years?

Sure, you might be worried that GLaDOS will trick you into thinking you're heading towards Six Flags or the bakery, all while directing you to drive into the gaping maw of an active volcano. But you've just got to keep telling yourself that it's just a voice on an otherwise-reliable Garmin Nuvi. It's actually not an official voicepack; it's a pet project of Ryan VanMiddlesworth. But if you own a Garmin Nuvi, you can go ahead and download it now. [Project Page via Engadget]

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