Giz Explains: IPTV, or Cable From the Phone Company

If you still rock the bunny ears we salute you. But odds are, you probably get TV one of two ways: Cable or satellite. There's a newer way: IP, that is Internet Protocol, TV—in this case, the TV delivered over the internet by your phone company. Verizon and AT&T push FiOS TV and U-Verse, respectively, in select regions of the country where their fibre networks have been built out. In a lot of ways, it's the TV of the future—in part because most of you can't get it yet. Beyond that, the technology that delivers it to your home, as well as who is doing the delivering, opens up some pretty sweet new interactive possibilities. And even for regular old boob tubing, the way it's architected means its good for HD buffs.

AU: This is very US-centric, but it's still an interesting read for anybody interested in what the future might hold...

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