Giant Phallic Inflatable Bungee Ride is the Most Fun Way to Break Your Neck Ever

If you're ever driving and you see a county fair with what appears to be three towering penises with clown makeup on them, pull over. You've just found the holy grail of dangerous rides.

Essentially, you're strapped in to a few bungee cords, pulled down really low and then released, flinging you flailing 7.5 metres into the air. Hopefully, you land on your feet.

Made by a few different Chinese manufacturers, this bad boy hasn't really caught on in the states for whatever reason. They may not be legal due to how obviously dangerous they are, or perhaps all of our county fairs are run by hand-wringing wussocrats. In either case, it's disappointing. If I want to die in a spectacular carnival accident, that's my prerogative, dammit. Let's bring these things Stateside. [BallerHouse via Oh Gizmo!]

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