Gadgets Blamed For Dozens of Deadly Lightning Strikes in Russia

It appears that the Gods hate gadgets, which is why they have been striking down citizens in the new, westernised Russia left and right with lightning. The fact that many of these individuals were outside using gadgets at the time has lead people to believe that the devices themselves are to blame. These incidents include a woman found dead with a melted mobile phone in her hand, a 10- year-old boy on a bike and an elderly farmer tending her potato plants with what I assume was some sort of metal tool.

The vast majority of scientists will agree that the electromagnetic fields given off by small gadgets are far too weak to attract lightning strikes. Plus, there has been a marked increase amount of thunderstorms experienced across Russia this year—so there is definitely a reason to chalk this up to coincidence more than anything else. That is, until you see this. [CNN]

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