Flying Saucers are Back, This Time with Plasma Propulsion

We've all seen that crazy footage from the 60s where the military is testing out various flying saucer prototypes—some which crash, some which can hover a whole three feet in the air—but now someone has actually developed a potentially viable flying saucer. And it uses plasma, not giant fans.

A patent coming out of the University of Florida, the design is for a 6-inch (but scalable) wingless electromagnetic air vehicle (WEAV). Powered by magnetohydrodynamics (the force generated by passing current/magnetic fields through liquid), the saucer is covered with electrodes that ionize the surrounding air, turning it into plasma. A current is then passed through this plasma (creating that magnetohydrodynamic effect) and presto, lift (and the aliens will finally think we're cool enough to hang out with for non-butt-probing recreational activities). [WEAV via gizmag]

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