Floating, Off-Roading, BB-Shooting RC Tank Delivers Beer, Removes Eyeballs

We think Danbar Toys has a winner on its hands today with this US$92 amphibious BB-shooting RC tank, with cupholders. I mean, what better way to cap off a beer-fuelled barbecue than with a remote-control tank that can go anywhere, turn on a dime, and take people's eye balls as war trophies at the same time? The "creatively written" instruction manual (borderline Engrish) cautions against firing at people or animals, but we've had a few already this morning, and Uncle Bob and his stupid cat are totally asking for it. Drink, er, fire away.

And, this thing can deliver a mean cocktail and turn in place while moving, no sweat. Great news for finicky guests that change their mind at the last second.
[Danbar Toys via Technabob]

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