Fairground Shooting Gallery Gets Flamethrower Makeover for Burning Man

Created for this year's Burning Man festival, the Flamethrower Shooting Gallery looks like one hell of a stress-relieving sideshow amusement. It was created by Matisse and Roxie and recently debuted at the Oakland The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival... presumably to a warm reception. Check out the short video to see it in action—though you might want to turn the volume down, the happy screams are a little loud.


Apparently it was designed to poke fun at the US obsession with firearms, and it's supposed to tie in with Burning Man's fascination with fire and "radical self expression."

Whatever: launching a jet of luminous flames ten feet to incinerate a target sounds waaaay more fun than firing a BB-gun on your more "normal" fairground show. You agree, guys, don't you?... or am I just a pyromaniac? [Laughing Squid]
Photo credit: Scott Ashkenaz.

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