Faber Imago+: Now Even Your Cooker Hood Has a Webcam

Faber's Imago+ cooker hood seems like a glimpse into the near future where every available gizmo in your household is some kind of electronics-packed entertainment system. It's first and foremost an extractor fan/filtration system that inhales the fumes from your cooking so you don't have to (at 870 cubic meters per hour). But it's actually loaded up with a multimedia PC too.


On its front there's a 19-inch widescreen LCD, and the Linux-driven PC's also got an analog/digital TV tuner built-in so you can browse the web for recipes, pop on a movie or watch your fave cooking show.

Since it's also got a webcam function, you can even video call: perfect for Skyping the kids in their rooms to tell them dinner's ready. Legs... so overrated don't you think? No price or availability info is available, but I think you could probably expect to pay "luxury" prices for a luxury kitchen gadget like this. [Gizmodiva via NewLaunches]

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