Eyelid Jewellery Contact Lenses: Just Seeing Them Makes Eyes Water

Sporry guyss, there'lll be speling mistkes in this post coz I cnt see the keyboord proply: my eyess ar watercingg to much. *dab dab* Ah that's better. Just don't think too much about the eyelid jewellery from designer Eric Klarenbeek, or your eyes too will fill up in sympathy with that poor model. Wearing jewels dangling from contact lenses stuck to the front of her eyeballs. Ten out of ten for ingenuity, minus several million for practicality...that'd be my stance on these. Still, it's a weird world out there, so these will appeal to someone. Oh darrrn, I justu watchd the videoo... *drip*

Looks like Eric's been developing his idea since we first showed you... it's still weird, but this time you get to see it in action. [Style Dash via Random Good Stuff]

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