Ex-Googlers Build Cuil Search Engine, Say it's Bigger Than Google

"Search 121,617,892,992 web pages" claims the front page of the new search engine Cuil (pronounced "cool" apparently). Those 120 billion pages are about three times as many as Google actually indexes, according to developer Anna Patterson... and she should know as until 2006 she worked there. Presented in a kind of "magazine style," Cuil will apparently get more pertinent results as it drills into the contents of a page, unlike Google's complex ranking system. Since two more of the development team also worked for Google, and there's US$33 million of venture capital behind the new site, it is certainly going to be an interesting development to keep tabs on. Cuil takes search requests from today... though as it can't find me I'd say it needs tweaking. [Cuil via Physorg]

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