Editor Ryan Block Leaving Engadget

Ryan Block, editor of Engadget, announced his resignation today. When I first heard the news, I was blindsided with a loss of competitive bearing followed by some strange sorrow. I suppose I’d explain it by saying Ryan is probably the best frienemy a guy could possibly ask for.

The press has often played up the competition between our sites, and I admittedly contribute to that reporting for the sake of the story. But however different our executions are, we both have the goal of doing the best editorial possible within a given time span. He’s been welcome company at shows where our tasks ran more in parallel than any other two people in the room. At events we’d cover, we would often arrive early, both sneaking away early from, say, a liveblog to cover the next step of the story first, and then staying later than most. Where we went, Ryan was already there, or was about to be there shortly. Watching him work, I’ve had enough chance over my last +2 years at Giz to know he’s an outstanding guy, historic rivalries aside. And so, as he moves on, I hope he makes ample use of his editor-at-large position and posts frequently.

But not too frequently. I could use some time off.