DIY Home Laser Show Reacts To Music, Probably Won't Incinerate Your Eyes

For those of you who're into a little bit of creative electronics as well as fancying yourself as a bit of a mean DJ, this DIY laser light show may be just the thing to spice up your parties. Not only will the project spray laser light around (and who doesn't like laser light shows?) but it also reacts to music, so you'll have your own laser visualiser. Check out the video to see it in action.

Basically the light from a lab-style laser is reflected off a mirror mounted to a speaker membrane and then gets diffracted through a grating to create multiple beams. As the music drives the speaker, the mirror jitters and bingo! You've got a laser light show visualiser that makes your giant mirrorball seem even more passé than it already is. The whole thing has pretty detailed instructions so you can build your own... just don't use too powerful a laser source, eh? Those things can be dangerous. [Project page via Hacknmod]

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