Device for the Elderly and Infirm Mistakenly Pitched to the Rich and Lazy

There's a fine line between being too lazy to do something and being physically unable to do something, which leads logically to the fact that there are more things in common between the very rich and the very old than you may think. Case in point, this "Neptune Portable Reclining Lift" which lux blog Born Rich deemed worthy for a "Luxurious Bath." The great thing? This is totally designed for old people too weak to lower themselves into a tub without breaking a hip.

Now, I'm no billionaire, but I'm pretty sure that the really rich don't needed an elaborate contraption to lower their fois-gras-filled bodies into their gold-plated bathtubs. I mean, as I understand it, rich people are good with money, not insanely lazy people willing to drop over US$1,000 on a seat that lets them lie back in a tub without using any of their muscles. That's something that the elderly and infirm who are unable to lay back easily need.

But I do really love that this is seen as a luxury item. Next week: wheelchairs for the super-rich, allowing them to luxuriously wheel themselves around without using their legs! [Product Page via BornRich]

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