Defective by Design Douches Take Up Genius Bar Slots to Whine About DRM

Look, I hate DRM as much as anyone. But Defective by Design's latest anti-DRM campaign is supremely douchey. They're calling on supporters to book as many slots as possible at Genius Bars around the world this Friday and Saturday—where people go to get their busted Apple prettywares fixed—to complain about DRM in order to "get Apple's attention and ensure that the Geniuses have done their homework." You know, and be giant dickbags.

Here's why this is so obnoxious: They're not just screwing over actual people—you know, a mum or some college kid who really just wants to get their computer fixed—but Apple isn't going to drop DRM in response to this lame stunt. If you really feel that the "iPhone 3G restricts your freedom," just don't buy it [emphasis theirs] . Mock people's ignorance, call them iSheep, hand out snazzy flyers, dress up like a drooling iPod in cage, whatever. But just let them get their damn computers and gadgets fixed in peace. The Genius Bar lines are long enough as it is. [Defective by Design]

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