Datto's ZR Series Drive Improves Internet Backup Solution With Gigabit Ethernet, RAID and ZFS

We liked Datto's previous Network Storage device with offsite mirroring, but we had some issues with their slow 10/100 Ethernet and loud fan. Good news for us, since Datto's latest Z Series solves these two problems with standard dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, a fan that only spools up when needed, 1TB local and offsite storage, RAID 1, Active Directory support, free customer support and a five-year warranty.

It also looks nicer, with that new white finish. The downside is that it's quite costly (it is a home office/small business solution), with a price starting at US$499 for the 250GB model up to US$1149 for the 1TB model with RAID. That's not including the monthly fee. But if your data's important enough that you'd actually go and pay for a data-recovery specialist to get it back, you should get one of these and save yourself the hassle. [Datto]

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