Customs Could Search Your iPods For Pirated Music

Customs Could Search Your iPods For Pirated Music

ImageWhen will these people get a clue? is reporting that the next time you travel with your iPod, those friendly customs officials could pull you aside, slap on the latex and give your iPod a full-body cavity search for pirated music.

The push – which originates from the RIAA in the US – is global in scale, and the Australian government has openly admitted it is partaking in the discussions (although they haven’t agreed to any aspect of the arrangement).

There’s also a lot of confusion over exactly what will be considered as commercial levels of piracy.

If the government is foolish enough to vote this draconian ruling in, I think it would be a good time to join one of those floating communities in the Pacific… How the government can even be considering such a stupid proposition is beyond me.