Custom Nervous System Jewellery is Carved to Your Algorithmic Designs

Designers Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg have come up with a mathematical way to design jewelry. Via their Nervous System site, you steer open source "Processing" algorithms to produce a pattern you like. This is then machined by water-jet, etched and even gold-plated for you into real jewellery. Currently they've got a particle algorithm dubbed Radiolaria (think: bubbles in glass) and a diffusion-limited one, Dendrite (think: coral) but will soon add a tree-like Algae one. The prices vary, of course, depending on what you want—the gold necklace in the image costs US$70. If you prefer, you can choose a pre-made pattern... but where's the fun in that? [Nervous System via PopSci]


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