Countdown To Annoying Alarm Clock Rocket Begun


Annoying alarm clocks are everywhere these days. My question is - who the hell keeps buying them? Surely there's nobody who actually buys them for themselves? It's more the kind of thing that Dr Horrible would give to Captain Hammer.

The latest in this ongoing series of crimes against humanity is the Rocket alarm clock from Latestbuy. When its time to wake up, it will begin a countdown. If you wake up before the countdown has completed, you're safe. But if the countdown reaches zero, the rocket will take off across the room, and the only way you can turn off the alarm is to get out of bed, grab the rocket and place it back on the alarm (or smash the entire alarm against a wall - that might work too).

If you're a masochist with a penchant for stupid alarm clocks, you can pick up this one for $29.95 from Latestbuy.

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