Commodore 64 LAN Party features First C64 Online Multiplayer Game

A Commodore 64 Expo was held recently, where attendees dusted off their Commodore 64s, networked them together and had an old-fashioned LAN party to play NetRacer — a new C64 racing game that supports 8 people over Internet or LAN for the first time. Organised by the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky (!?), the event was attended by the likes of Dragos, Dopple, Elwix and Snogpitch.


NetRacer also supports joystick controls, has sound effects and scrolling animations — which is pretty crazy when you think about the hardware its running on. In addition to the LAN party (rumoured to be for C64 A-listers only), the event featured Snogpitch's coveted C-1 computer, soldering stations, impromptu tutorials in 6502 assembler, frankengadgets, Mountain Dew, and a raffle! [C=4 Expo via NetRacer via SlashDot]

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