Busted iPod Modded Into a Mouse; Could Be So Much More

If your old iPod is suddenly about to become useless when you acquire an iPhone 3G, why not repurpose it as something else? One enterprising modder took an iPod that had been accidentally run over by a car (yeah, I hate it when that happens) and turned it into a fully-functioning mouse, with the buttons on the trackwheel all functioning as mouse buttons. Unfortunately, due to the car smashing the crap out of the screen, it just has a piece of paper that looks like an iPod screen in its place.

I'd love to see this taken to the next level, with the screen working as a secondary screen for the computer. Imagine, being able to see your RSS feeds or new emails on your iPod mouse and saving screen space. It would be cool-looking and impressive and make you king of the nerds. Get to it, modders. I demand satisfaction. [Craftster via Technabob]

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