British Doggie Paratroopers to Make High-Altitude Jumps With Cameras Attached To Their Heads

Not laser beams, but close. The Telegraph is reporting that German Shepherds are being trained by the elite British SAS to perform high-altitude high-opening (HAHO) parachute jumps over Iraq and Afghanistan harnessed to soldiers. Once on the ground, the dogs will charge ahead, rooting out dug-in enemies and sending back a live video feed from a tiny head-mounted camera. That is if their little doggie minds haven't been blown by the 25,000-foot jump they just performed.

Dogs have been performing parachute jumps in the name of military service since WW2, but never from such a great altitude, where oxygen deprivation and pressure changes can become an issue. Presumably, the dogs will be fitted with an oxygen mask in addition to their head-mounted camera, which will probably account for some pretty bad-arse looking head gear. [Telegraph via Geekologie]

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