Vodafone’s pathetic plans don’t even try to compete

Vodafone’s pathetic plans don’t even try to compete

With Vodafone offering 5GB of mobile broadband for $39/month, we were hoping for a vaguely competitive iPhone offering.

When they posted pretty poor plans for a short while yesterday, we hoped it was a mistake.

We’re sorely disappointed. The plans have been resurrected today and consumers aren’t the winner: Optus is.
The only improvement from yesterday’s short-lived leak is the option to buy handsets over 24 months for about the same price as an upfront payment. Otherwise their pricing has us camping outside Optus World at midnight.

Assuming call rates are similar to Voda’s existing cap plans (40c per 30 secs plus 30c flagfall on a mid-range cap), Optus’s offering kills them. For $59/month, Optus gives $350 of credit and 500MB of data. For ten bucks a month more, Vodafone offers half the data and $310 of credit. Optus’s flagfall is 10c more expensive than Voda’s, but otherwise it’s like-for-like.

On those plans over 24 months, Optus will stings you $2/month for the 8GB handset versus $7.88/month on Voda.

Optus also wins on more expensive plans. If you’re after $1200 of credit and 1GB of data, Optus charges $149/month versus Voda’s $169. Optus will give you the 16GB handset if you sign up to 24 months, while Vodafone asks for another $89.

Can anyone see any redeeming features in Voda’s offering? Here’s hoping Telstra bring us something better … if they ever release the fine print.

Thanks Garth!