Boeing JHL-40 Heavy-Lift Rotorcraft Is Massive Floating Crane

This stunning aircraft—that looks straight out of a science-fiction movie in which the Nazis won WWII—is the Boeing SkyHook JHL-40. A heavy-lift rotorcraft designed to lift 40 tons, it can transport its cargo across 320km without refueling in adverse environments like the Arctic. According to Boeing, it will be able to reach where no other kind of transport can go, at a fraction of the cost, with less environmental impact, and without danger to the crew. Seeing it flying carrying massive tree trunks makes the JHL-40 look even more impressive:

As you can see, the eight-engine aircraft has four vertical rotors to lift its neutrally buoyant body, plus four directional propellers under each rotor to direct it. Boeing says that it will be very popular in the energy, mining, and logging industries. Their pitch to environmentalists is that the JHL-40 has a very reduced carbon footprint, and it doesn't require to disturb remote lands with roads or other destructive transport methods (that way, the aforementioned industries will be able to properly disturb remote lands only by mining and logging, as it should be.) [Boeing]

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