BlackBerry Tips From John Mayer

Hey guys. John Mayer here. You might have noticed I didn't sing at the iPhone 3G launch. That probably disappointed you, since people like to hear the songs that I write, which is why I'm going on tour. So you can hear my songs. BlackBerry is sponsoring it, since I really like the Bold. Because when I'm not calling two people at once or writing songs for you to hear, I write emails. Sometimes they're to myself with song ideas, for my songs. So, I have some BlackBerry tips for you.

Each song idea gets its own note in the notepad. And you can make my voice, singing a song that I wrote, your ringtone. I carry a spare SIM card with a brand new number in my wallet, in case one of the two supermodels I banged the night before tries to call me the next day. I hope that helps, I'll see you on tour. [John Mayer BlackBerry Summer Tour]

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