Belkin Delivers Dual-XLR Audio Recording to the iPod

Many portable media players have audio recorders built in so you can record audio directly to them. The iPod does not. Interested in adding that feature? Say hello to Belkin's crazy, US$120 solution to this problem: the GoStudio (initially announced as the Podcast Studio. Essentially, it adds an audio-in to your iPod, but it also has a speaker for playing your awkward voice notes back, dual-XLR microphone inputs and a bunch of knobs and stuff for tweaking your recordings. And even though it's expensive and looks all professional, it only records in 16 bit, and we all know that true audio nerds demand 24 bit. It's mucho overkill for people who just want to make voice notes, but if you want to record your band's demo directly to your iPod for some reason this could work for you.

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