Bandai Smart Berry to Train Next Generation of Female Executives

Little girls in Japan will get their chance today to act out their fantasies of being American corporate tools, thanks to Bandai's new mobile communicator "Smart Berry" toy, which kind of looks like a Mylo done up in pastel colours. The Smart Berry includes a touchscreen LCD panel measuring roughly 2 inches by 1.4 inches, a slide- out keyboard, and Wi-Fi capabilities for email, chat and online games.

The device registers user profiles so that Smart Berry owners can only send and receive mail from friends. Up to four units can communicate with each other at the same time if they're all within a 10-metre diameter. Additionally, it also has a virtual Tamagotchi-like pet you can play with. The toy costs US$97 and is targeted at girls from ages 6 to 9. Boys who want to send emails on a faux-mobile device while raising their own virtual pet are SOL this time around, I guess. [Tech On]

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