Back to the Future Hoverboard Auction Starts at US$30,000

The original hoverboard used by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future 2 is now on the auction block, starting at US$30,000. If you have that kind of money around, prepare more because this prop—made of wood and metal, including original stickers, textured paint job, and the hole left by the handlebar that Marty McFly pulls at the beginning of the chase sequence— may reach US$50,000 according to the seller.

957. Michael J. Fox "Marty Mcfly" hero Mattel hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II & Part III. (Universal Pictures, 1989, 1990) This is one of the hero Mattel Hoverboards used by Michael J. Fox in his most famous role as "Marty McFly" in the Robert Zemeckis classic 80s trilogy, Back to the Future. Two styles of Hoverboard were made for and employed in the film - lightweight boards of styrofoam construction and thick and durable wood-based props - this example is the latter, and is recognised as the best example of all wood Hoverboards to have survived the rigors of filming. The illusion of Michael J. Fox as "Marty McFly" hovering through the air was achieved with practical effects, with actors in rigged harnesses being "flown" via cranes, with special effects taking care of the rest.

Of the two styles of props used in the film, the styrofoam examples in collections today have not held up as well, given the more fragile nature of the material and the abuse they endured in production. Few wood examples have survived, and the collector who obtained this specimen from the prop master chose this for his personal collection as the premiere example of those preserved following the film. It is in used but outstanding condition, and is very rare in that it is entirely complete and intact. Given the wood build and use of metal components, it looks and feels like a "real" prop. This piece has the complete fully functional and rear ballbearing-mounted footpad that rotates 360 degrees, as well as the bottom "magnet plates". Of the two styles of stickers used for the effects, this prop has the "photoboard"-style sticker affixed. In addition, there is other textured styling and hand painting. This Hoverboard also features the hole in the top, representing where the handlebars were that "Marty" pulled off after borrowing the "toy" from the little girl in the film. $30000 - $50000

Seriously, I know Back to Future forwards and backwards after seeing it too many times to count, but paying $30,000 to $50,000 for this, which is not even one of a kind? I mean, if it were Marilyn Monroe's used underpants I would understand, but a piece of wood that doesn't fly? What kind of crazy-bordering-the-retarded fanboy would actually waste such an stupidly high amount of money in a pink non-flying Mattel hoverboard?

OK, I admit it. I don't have the money. [eBay Live Auctions — Thanks Michael]

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