Aussie Starbucks Closures Means Fewer Telstra Wi-Fi Hotspots

One of the only few things going for getting an iPhone on Telstra, especially in light of their terrible data packages, was the inclusion of free Wi-Fi at their hotspots around the country. But now that hotspot network looks to be a few locations fewer with the announcement that Starbucks is closing 61 of their 84 stores.

Because not every store had Wi-Fi before the closures, this probably won't effect too many people. Unless you live in Canberra that is, where it's likely that all three Wi-Fi enabled Starbucks stores will close.

The guys over at ZDnet got into the nitty gritty of the situation, and although there are a lot of unknown factors still involved around exactly which Starbucks stores will be closing, the loss of any free Wi-Fi hotspot is a sad day for Gizmodians around the country. Hopefully Telstra will be looking to expand their 1000+ network of hotspots in light of the Starbucks move. And hopefully they'll make them free to everyone. Not holding our breath, though...

[ZDnet via Lifehacker AU]

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