Asus Offering $100 Rebate on Eee 900

Asus just released their Eee 901 for sale in the US and all is well with the world...except for one thing. They built a bunch of Eee 900s that they have to get rid of. Remember the Eee 900? That was the original 8.9-inch Eee that used a Celeron processor instead of a shiny new Atom. Anyway, if you purchase a 900 between now and July 31st, Asus will give you US$100 back. That brings the price to US$450, or US$150 less than a 901. So what's that Atom worth to you again? [ZaReason and Direct PDF Rebate Link via Lilliputing]

AU: I'm guessing this is US only at the moment. Will keep you posted though...

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