Apple’s Sydney Store Has Its Own Giant iPhone

Apple’s Sydney Store Has Its Own Giant iPhone
giant iphone 1.jpg

We’re now just three days away from the iPhone 3G’s launch in Australia. You’d think that we’d be inundated with press releases and launch parties and excitement. Instead we’re still waiting for Vodafone and Telstra to give us their pricing details, and Apple Australia still haven’t announced whether they’ll be selling the new iPhone at their Sydney Apple Store.

They have, however, gone and put those giant iPhone displays in their windows. Reader Stefan has sent in these pics of the super-large Jesusphone so you can all look at it longingly and hope that the next three days fly by faster than browsing the internet of 3G.

There’s a couple more pics below the fold, as well.

giant iphone 2.jpg
giant iphone 3.jpg
[Thanks Stefan!]