Apartment with Rotating Centrepiece is Amazingly Versatile

This room, located in an apartment in Hong Kong, features a central unit that can rotate 360 degrees with the push of a finger. It has different compartments on different sides, allowing you to basically rotate the walls of what should be different rooms to face different living areas. Want your TV facing the bed? Just rotate it. Want the TV facing the couch? Rotate it back. It's crazy and awesome.

FAK3 created a home that took the concept of open multi-functional spaces to a whole new realm. The client wanted to have a central space to facilitate a variety of activities: dining, study, recreation and with a spot for the son to practise his burgeoning skills on the electronic keyboards. FAK3 designed an elliptical cabinet that can rotate 360-degrees. On its two longer sides, it housed a set of keyboards and a desk; the two shorter sides accommodated storage and a television. Fitted with industrial strength bearings that can support up to two tonnes, the wooden cabinet rotates with the push of just one finger. Its off-centred axis means as the cabinet moves, its content and form shifts the room's perceived spatial configuration to give each zone its own character.

I want one. [Core77]

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