Anobar Set-Top FED Display Scrolls Otaku's TV Discussions in Real Time

No doubt inspired by the Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga that overlays scrolling comments over videos during playback, the Anobar sits on top of a TV and scrolls messages from others watching the same channel in real time, along with emails, Twitters, news headlines, or any other feed. The Anobar uses a pricey 640 x 96 FED display, which ensures zero motion blur on all of the dick jokes whizzing by. For now it's Japan only, and the prototype cost nearly US$2,000 to manufacture, but I'm kind of hypnotised by this live video stream of one in action.

The interface and menus are really well done, and the FED display looks razor-sharp. Good luck to Anodos, the manufacturer, in making good on their plans to bring the price below US$300 for retail. [Tech ON]

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