Android Hardware By Google Rumours Stirred Up Again: Ammunition Group May Be Behind the Design

Talk about an android phone made by Google died down after the release of Android, but it seems that you just can't keep a good rumour down. According to TechCrunch, an Android made by Google may actually become a reality based on two new bits of information—the first being a quote in a Mediaweek interview with Google head honchos Larry Page, Sergei Brin and CEO Eric Schmidt. The reporter noted that "The trio of Google execs also used the opportunity to talk about the inroads the company is making with its own branded mobile phone as a replacement for the iPhone." The second being that Techcrunch claims a company called the Ammunition Group may be behind the design.

As for the second bit of information, we know that the Ammunition Design Group has worked with companies like Palm, Hewlett-Packard, Dell Computer, and Logitech in the past (a phone they designed for Sprint is pictured above). Apparently, Tech Crunch's source swears that ADG is behind the phone and that "it is a seriously beautiful device." Not a confirmation by any means, but TechCrunch is usually spot on—so take that for what it is worth. The most probable explanation for any sort of design work on a handset for Google is that these could be prototypes for marketing or other promotion, but no one can make a call either way about this being a for production design or not. [Tech Crunch and Mediaweek via BGR]

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