Amazon's Streaming Video on Demand Service Rolls Out Today in Beta, Works With Bravia Video Link

Today Amazon is launching a beta of Amazon Video On Demand, which will stream TV and movies from all the major studios (save for Disney/ABC, which is still in bed with Apple) and take the place of Unbox. The service will instantly stream rentals or download purchases to your PC. But Amazon also has plans to bring it directly to TVs via Sony's Bravia Video Link. Could couch-based Amazon shopping on your TV be far behind?

Amazon sees this as a way to not only bypass set-top boxes and go directly for the TVs (even though Bravia Video Link is currently a US$300 add-on) via platforms like Tru2way; the NYTimes also speculates on a move to get the whole Amazon store inside your TV, which makes a lot of sense, even though customers capable of setting up a VoD system directly on their TV are probably just fine with making orders on their laptop—while sitting on the couch. QVC killer! [NYTimes]

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