80GB PS3 Dated For AU, Platinum Titles Priced

The guys over at Kotaku have all the goss from a private Sony briefing at E3 dedicated to PAL regions, and some interesting nuggets have managed to find their way online. Firstly, despite the fact that we were told by Sony locally that they couldn't announce the price and date of the 80GB PS3 console to replace the 40GB version, Sony Europe were telling people that it would hit all PAL territories on August 27. That means a new 80GB PS3 model will be available at the end of next month. They did announce European pricing, but not for AU, so at least Sony Australia has a chance to surprise us all with a nice price cut (please).

The second life-changing event announced for PAL territories was the pricing for platinum PS3 games - while they'll cost just US$30 in the states, Australians are looking at $50 per game. Pretty good when you compare it to a full-priced PS3 game, not so good when compared to the US. Obviously there are factors like the size of the market which will push up the price over here, but 20 bucks is a pretty big markup in any event. But hey, isn't the PS3 region free for games?


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