10 Stress Busting Gadgets That Help You Unwind From a Long Week at Work

10 Stress Busting Gadgets That Help You Unwind From a Long Week at Work
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Feeling a little stressed out? Good thing it’s Friday–the weekend should offer ample opportunity to unwind. Unfortunately, some of you may be have so much going on that a couple of days off may not do the job. Not to worry, there are plenty of gadgets out there that can help you recover from the stress that a long week at work, a pile of unpaid bills, constant nagging about your “drinking problem” and a mysterious rash can cause.

Stress Toys: Did you know that there are squeezable stress toys for just about any difficult situation? Here are some examples:

I Have a Drinking Problem: The Guinness Stress Pint will help you kick that habit. Available for US$4.95. [Guinness]

I’m Sexually Frustrated: Grab a handful of Stressticles squeezable testi-balls and save money on a prostitute. Available for around US$10. [Gobaz]

The Copy Machine at Work Sucks: If you can’t go “Office Space” on it with a bat, squeezing this copy machine stress toy may be the next best thing. Available for US$2.99. [Kleargear]

I Ate a Wheel of Cheese Yesterday and Now I’m Constipated: No problem. Take this toilet stress toy into the bathroom with you and let it work its magic. Available for US$1.99. [Office Playground]

A Luxurious Spa Treatment: Perhaps simple stress toys are not enough. What you need to relax is a little time in the spa.

The Wellness Skull: Designed by Dutch artist Atlier Van Lieshout, the Wellness Skull features a small bath in the neck and a sauna in the head. When it is working, steam pours out of the eye sockets. I’m not sure if it is up for sale, but it would definitely be a unique way to unwind. [Project Page]

The Red Diamond Bathtub: What does US$47,200 buy you in a bathtub these days? Well, the Red Diamond comes with two retractable waterproof HDTVs, wireless controls via a built-in GSM module, massage functions, a Swarovski crystal-lined champagne holder and a frame made of solid gold. [Red Diamond via Link]

The Energy Cocoon Balance Bathtub: This spa features an infrared sauna, steam sauna, aromatherapy and light therapy functions, hydromassage, airbubble massage and a hand shower in an extremely compact design. [NeoQi via BornRich]

“Massage”: Note the quotation marks. When all else fails, you can always turn to products like these to “release” a little “tension.”

Fist-Shaped Back Massager: Uh…what? It looks like a cartoon-fist. Ooooh…that’s just wrong. Available for US$6.88. [Spilsbury]

Massage Pants: The manufacturer claims that these pants have multiple massage modes and an automatic temperature control. What are you supposed to be massaging? Why can you get it only in bulk? Are they assuming you will be planning some sort of kinky massage pants party? [Trade Key]

Human Touch Massage Chairs: These chairs were seen leaving a now-defunct Sharper Image store. Human Touch eh? What are these chairs touching me with exactly? [Link]