Zumobi Browser for WM5, WM6 Updated: Users Can Add Their Own Content

Earlier this year I put the Zumobi browser for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices through its paces and determined that it had some novelty value, but it was clear that there were shortcomings that needed to be overcome before it had any chance of attracting a serious audience. The folks behind the project have taken a step towards that end by updating their software to allow users to customise and create their own tiles from RSS feeds. They have also made it possible to select and upload Tiles directly from your phone.

These updates help to overcome the lack of content and control that plagued the earlier release. They have also streamlined the application to make downloads faster—another major sticking point. The download is free, so it is worth a shot regardless—but if you tried it before and were put off, it may be worth revisiting. [Zumobi]

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